December 1, 2023

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5 Compelling Reasons for CM Punk’s WWE Survivor Series Comeback

WWE fans have been speculating about CM Punk’s potential return to the company following his departure from AEW. The 45-year-old wrestler’s termination from AEW has fueled rumors about a comeback to WWE. With the Stamford-based promotion dropping hints about Punk’s return and even selling DVDs featuring him, the anticipation has only increased.

Here are some reasons why this time is perfect for CM Punk to make his WWE return:

#5. Spike in Ratings: WWE could benefit from Punk’s return in terms of ratings, especially with established stars like Roman Reigns not wrestling regularly. Punk has historically been a significant draw, and WWE could capitalize on his popularity to gain an advantage in ratings.

#4. Perfect Timing: If Punk returns, he could potentially challenge main event stars and vie for a title. With superstars like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in the picture, there’s a possibility for Punk to win a major championship.

#3. Survivor Series in Chicago: The upcoming Survivor Series event is set to take place in Chicago, Punk’s hometown. Returning at this event could garner an overwhelming response from his loyal fan base.

#2. Differences with AEW Forgotten: Joining WWE would allow Punk to rebuild his image and move past any controversies from his time in AEW, providing him with a fresh start to showcase his abilities.

#1. Big Match at WrestleMania: Returning at Survivor Series would give Punk enough time to be involved in a storyline leading up to WrestleMania, potentially setting up a high-stakes match, such as a rivalry with Seth Rollins.

With the stage seemingly set for CM Punk’s much-anticipated return to WWE, fans are eager to see if these speculations will come to fruition.