June 13, 2024

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A Faustian Pact: Kuma Bargains with the Devil to Heal Bonney’s Affliction

The One Piece chapter 1099 full summary spoilers were released on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. They brought exciting new information, including details about Kuma’s deal with the devil, suggesting that Oda’s health is not a cause for concern. The chapter sees Kuma making a deal for Bonney’s sake and reveals the origins of her Devil Fruit powers. Bonney is mistakenly believed to be Ginny, and the news portrays Kuma as an evil ruler, causing the Marines to support King Bekori. Kuma decides to take care of Bekori and flee to become a pirate, earning a high bounty. The chapter also sees him searching for a cure for Bonney’s disease. Kuma then reunites with Dragon and the Revolutionary Army commanders, and Dr. Vegapunk offers to cure Bonney in exchange for Kuma becoming the host of his clone army. Kuma accepts, and Dr. Vegapunk names the clones “pacifista.” Saint Saturn oversees their conversation and plans to use the clones. The chapter concludes with no break confirmed for the next week. Fans can look forward to further developments in the story.