July 21, 2024

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AI Prediction: Will Juan Soto Stay with the Yankees Beyond 2024?

On December 6, Juan Soto came to the New York Yankees as the headlining piece of the biggest trade of the offseason so far. While the team will undoubtedly benefit from his presence, some have questioned whether or not the 25-year-old will stay in town for long.

In 2023, Soto made $23 million as a member of the San Diego Padres. Now, with his contract up for salary arbitration in 2024, it is forecasted that the young Dominican will make $30 million in 2024. However, questions remain as to whether or not the Yankees will be able to match his financial requests.

With uncertainty abound, we turned to Google’s Bard AI tool to get some answers. Surprisingly, Bard is bullish about Soto’s future in the pinstripes, even going as far as to predict a long-term deal.

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