July 21, 2024

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Angry Steph Curry Unleashes F-Bombs in Alleged Leaked Audio from Warriors’ Loss to Suns

The Golden State Warriors haven’t been playing well despite Steph Curry single-handedly carrying them this season. The frustration from Curry has been evident as the Warriors continue to struggle mightily on both ends. During their 119-116 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night, fans could see the irritation from the four-time champion.

Warriors forward Draymond Green was ejected from the game after he was assessed a flagrant 2 foul for hitting Jusuf Nurkic on the head.

Curry finished with 24 points, five rebounds and four assists while shooting an abysmal 26.6% from beyond the arc. The nine-time All-Star had 15 attempts from 3-point range and only made four. His efforts weren’t enough, though, and video of him voicing his disappointment in the team has surfaced.

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