June 13, 2024

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The Fall/Winter 23 collection from Malbon Golf is a departure from the brand’s previous design ethos and showcases a refined approach to American-inspired fashion. Known for its unique blend of golf apparel and streetwear, Malbon Golf’s latest collection, titled “Westward,” features a shift from vibrant and graphic-heavy designs to a more sophisticated style, emphasizing neutrals like ivory, navy, evergreen, and brown. The collection stands out for its emphasis on classic patterns like tweed and subtle details that add elegance to each piece. Unlike previous releases, the Westward delivery opts for a more elevated aesthetic, reflecting the brand’s versatility and commitment to evolving fashion trends in golf apparel. The Fall/Winter 23 collection, priced between $45 and $180, is now available for purchase on Malbon Golf’s official website, offering options for various budgets. A standout piece in the collection is the Redwood Shirt, designed to double as a light jacket with polar fleece build, a flared collar, and dual chest pockets. The Hitch Tweed Jacket combines traditional tweed with a modern twist and features wool blend material, unique detailing, and a Western vibe. The Sierra Tricot Pant blurs the lines between functionality and style with its hybrid design. Founded in 2017 by Stephen and Erica Malbon, Malbon Golf quickly emerged as a dynamic brand blending golf tradition with modern streetwear style, catering to fashion-conscious golfers and streetwear aficionados. The Fall/Winter 23 collection represents a significant evolution in the brand’s design philosophy, embracing a more refined and understated aesthetic with neutral colors and classic patterns. As Malbon Golf continues to redefine golf apparel, this collection stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and style.