June 13, 2024

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Boulaye Dia’s Radiant Performance at FC 24 Sends Shockwaves Through SBC

The EA FC 24 Boulaye Dia Radioactive SBC presents a new promo item in Ultimate Team, and unlike other cards, it can be obtained by completing specific tasks rather than relying on luck with packs. To estimate the number of coins needed for the challenge, consider the value of the required fodder. The available tasks are beginner-friendly, and the challenge costs around 42,000 coins if all fodder is sourced from the market. You can mitigate costs by using items from your current collection and grinding EA FC 24 modes for more packs. The challenge is accessible for 13 days, providing ample time to gather the necessary items without spending coins.

Upon completing the challenge, you will receive an 86-rated LW item with 89 Pace and 88 Dribbling, allowing versatile gameplay as an LM, CF, and ST. However, its 3* Weak Foot and 85 Shooting may be underwhelming compared to stronger cards in Ultimate Team. Nonetheless, the Boulaye Dia Radioactive SBC is a budget-friendly challenge suitable for relative beginners to Ultimate Team.