February 29, 2024

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Discover the Ultimate Map of GTA Online Peyote Plant Locations (November 2023)

The recent weekly update in GTA Online has brought back Peyote Plants to Los Santos, prompting players to search for their map locations once again. While the water and special variants are not included in this update, there are over 40 land Peyote Plants scattered throughout the map. However, the game does not show their locations on the map, making it more challenging to find them. This article provides a comprehensive list of GTA Online Peyote Plants map locations for November 2023.

Peyote Plants first appeared in GTA Online during the Halloween Surprise 2019 event, and have returned every year since. Although they are similar to the Peyote Plants in Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode, they spawn at different locations on the map. In the latest update, the water and special variants are disabled, but players can still find land Peyote Plants at various locations including Lago Zancudo, Mount Josiah, Marina Drive, Route 68 Approach, Harmony, and many more scattered across the map.

It’s important to note that while players cannot see the Peyote Plants on the in-game map, their controllers will vibrate once they are close to them. Consuming these collectibles will cause a hallucination effect before players transform into various animals such as boars, cats, chickens, cougars, and more. Each transformation also rewards players with 5000 RP.

With the anticipation of GTA 6, fans can expect to see Peyote Plants making a return in the next game. Do you like to collect Peyote Plants in GTA Online?