June 13, 2024

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: “EA FC 24 Announces Lee Kang-In Thunderstruck SBC”

EA FC 24 has introduced the Lee Kang-In Thunderstruck SBC, providing an exciting opportunity for players to enhance their Ultimate Team squads without the need to open packs. Players must complete the required tasks to secure this special item, and it is important to calculate the potential costs associated with the challenge. By analyzing these costs, players can determine whether the SBC is worth pursuing.

The SBC features two tasks, namely “Top Form” and “Ligue 1.” Task 1 requires a minimum of one IF player, a squad rating of at least 82, and a squad consisting of 11 players. Task 2 necessitates at least one player from Ligue 1 Uber Eats, a squad rating of at least 83, and a squad comprising 11 players. Acquiring the required fodder from the Ultimate Team market is estimated to cost around 60,000 coins, but using existing cards from personal collections can reduce the final price.

With a duration of 13 days, this SBC allows players to explore various EA FC 24 modes such as Squad Battles and Division Rivals, enabling them to earn rewards and save coins for other uses within Ultimate Team.

Upon completion of the challenge, players will unlock an 86-rated LW card, expandable to LM and ST. The card boasts impressive attributes, including an 88 Pace and 88 Dribbling, coupled with 4* skills. However, the 3* weak foot is a significant drawback, and chemistry styles are essential for boosting the 84 Shooting attribute. Moreover, the item offers four playstyles and could potentially receive upgrades based on PSG’s performance in upcoming Ligue 1 matches.

In summary, the Lee Kang-In Thunderstruck SBC presents a valuable opportunity for players to acquire a high-quality card for their Ultimate Team squads, provided they carefully consider the costs and benefits associated with the challenge.