February 29, 2024

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EA FC 24 Black Friday Challenge 1 SBC: A Unique Way to Celebrate!

The Black Friday Challenge 1 SBC in EA FC 24 is now available for all players, providing an opportunity to earn an extra pack. It is part of the ongoing Black Friday celebrations and presents a relatively simple task that can be completed by both new and experienced players. The challenge requires a minimum of 5,500 coins to complete, but players can reduce this cost by utilizing cards from their own collection. Additionally, engaging in modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals can provide more fodder from weekly packs, thus saving coins. By completing the challenge, players can earn a Premium Gold Players Pack, which is a valuable reward considering the increasing availability of promo items in packs. There are also more pack options that guarantee only player cards in EA FC 24, making it an ideal time to open more packs. Overall, this Black Friday Challenge offers a rewarding opportunity for players to enhance their collections during the promotional period.