April 24, 2024

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EA FC: A Look Back at 24 Years of Player Pick SBCs

The Year in Review Player Pick SBC is a unique addition to EA FC 24, offering players the chance to obtain exclusive items that were never added to packs. This special challenge features items released only in SBCs and objectives. For those who started playing the game late, this is a great opportunity to acquire these items. The main task is to estimate the coins needed to complete the challenge. The Year in Review Player Pick SBC requires a Minimum OVR of 87, Squad Rating of Min 84, and a squad of 11 players.

To complete the challenge, it may cost around 40,000 coins if buying the required elements from the market, but players can reduce costs by using items from their Ultimate Team collection. Additionally, grinding different EA FC 24 modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals can provide more fodder to help lower the expenses.

Upon completion of the challenge, players will receive a special pick of three items, all rated 84 or higher, which were previously available in objectives and individual challenges in October. However, Icons and Heroes that are not part of the rewards have been excluded from this challenge. While luck plays a significant role in the final rewards, players have a degree of control as they can make the final selection between three choices.