February 29, 2024

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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has introduced the Radioactive promo, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the first SBC player to be featured in this event. As a former player of Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC, Aubameyang is known for his speed as an attacker. The Radioactive version of his card has elevated his stats, making him a valuable addition to any team.

In this new promo, achieving full chemistry in the squad has become easier. The Radioactive cards count as two players in providing league, nation, and team-based chemistry links, making them highly sought-after. Aubameyang, being Gabonese and currently playing for Marseille in Ligue 1, has been a challenging player to fit into a squad due to chemistry issues. However, his Radioactive card automatically has two chemistry points under the new system, and he can achieve full chemistry with just a Ligue 1 manager.

The stats of Aubameyang’s boosted card are as follows:
– Pace: 91
– Shooting: 88
– Passing: 80
– Dribbling: 86
– Defending: 43
– Physicality: 75

To unlock this special card, players need to complete two individual segments with specific requirements. The segments include Top Form and Ligue 1 challenges.

The cost of the SBC is estimated to be around 100,000 coins. However, gamers can reduce this cost by using untradeable items from their club and crafting various Upgrade SBCs, such as the 82+ TOTW Player Pick SBC.

The Radioactive cards come with additional chemistry boosts, making them extremely valuable in Ultimate Team. Aubameyang’s stats and playstyles make him a complete attacking package in the current meta of EA FC 24. With the Rapid PlayStyle+ and other attributes, he becomes an ideal choice to provide chemistry to Ligue 1 players.

Ultimately, unlocking Radioactive Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is highly appealing and worthwhile.