May 19, 2024

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Hulk Hogan Shares Unfortunate Health Update

Hulk Hogan shared an update on his health recently, revealing that he still battles pain. Throughout his wrestling career, Hogan’s signature move, the Atomic Legdrop, caused significant damage to his back. This led to multiple surgeries, with the most recent one in January of this year. Despite experiencing paralysis after the procedure, Hogan managed to make a full recovery.

To manage his pain, Hogan developed a company called “Immortal by Hulk Hogan” in partnership with Carma HoldCo. He found relief through the use of cannabis and mushrooms and aims to provide similar relief to others. The company will produce and sell THC and CBD products, as well as Kratom Capsules, which Hogan has actively promoted on his Instagram account.

In addition to Hogan’s venture, Carma HoldCo. has also launched cannabis brands for other wrestling personalities, including Mike Tyson, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Rob Van Dam, and Jim Ross.

Hogan’s openness about his health struggles has shed light on the realities of life after a wrestling career, and his efforts to find relief through his company are commendable.