April 24, 2024

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Inside Braun Strowman’s WWE Journey to India: Exclusive Interview

Braun Strowman visited India as part of a WWE promotional tour. In an exclusive interview, The Monster of All Monsters shared his thoughts on India. Strowman joined WWE in 2013 and moved to the main roster in 2015. At six-foot-eight, the 40-year-old is one of the most recognizable wrestlers globally, receiving loud crowd reactions wherever he goes. Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta, Strowman described his trip to India as great, expressing gratitude for the rare afternoon off and revealing that he was able to get some sleep on the flight. He mentioned the great workout, nice dinner, and tour of the SONY headquarters during his visit. Strowman also mentioned enjoying the experience of sampling butter chicken in India. He thanked everyone for the hospitality and support, and expressed that he enjoys visiting India and wishes everyone in America were as nice. Strowman also discussed the large WWE audience in India and his allocation of 10,000 calories a day for maintaining his exceptional physique. Lastly, he remarked on the delicious butter chicken he enjoyed in India, before going on to disclose the four-word text message he received from Randy Orton after The Viper’s WWE return.