May 19, 2024

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Kevin Durant Reflects on his Enigmatic ‘Think About a Girl’ Tweet from 2010: A Lesson in History Repeating Itself

Kevin Durant’s old Tweets have continued to resurface year after year. From hilarious admissions like having an upset stomach in the middle of the night, to his 2010 late-night thoughts about girls he likes, Durant’s old Tweets are gems. While players in past eras such as Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson for example didn’t grow up with social media, Durant and his peers did.

As such, the result is a trove of hilarious posts from when Durant and other NBA stars were just kids. This week, one of Durant’s old Tweets about the feeling you get when you fall for someone romantically began to make the rounds.

The Tweet caught the attention of teammate Devin Booker, who was quick to respond with a Tweet of his own recently. That wasn’t the only notable use of Durant’s old Tweets, however.

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On Saturday, the 35-year-old Kevin Durant took to social media where he seemingly indicated that little has changed since 2010 despite how different his life is now. In a repost of his famed 2010 Tweet, Durant wrote:

“History repeated itself”

Check out the Tweet, and the original post from 2010, below.

Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns’ hopes of winning an NBA title this season

Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns have continued to compete with the hope of winning an NBA title this season, despite some setbacks due to injuries. While Durant has continued to take the floor and put up stellar performances, the team has been dealing with injury woes.

Over the summer, the team picked up Bradley Beal in a blockbuster acquisition, landing the Suns as favorites in the West to many fans and analysts. Despite that, Beal has continued to deal with back pain and is currently sidelined for three weeks pending re-evaluation.

At the same time, the Phoenix Suns have struggled, posting a 6-6 record that sees them tied for eighth place in the Western Conference. Given that they lost much of the depth they had last season, and the year prior, there has been concern regarding their big three.

As Georgetown standout-turned-analyst Monica McNutt recently surmised on “Get Up” earlier this week, injury woes could derail the Suns’ hopes for a title. Of course, there’s still plenty of basketball left to be played this season, with more than enough time for Phoenix to find their rhythm.

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