May 19, 2024

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KSI Shamed for Being Scared of ShowSpeed Ratios and Not Wearing 8-Ounce Gloves

The banter between Olajide JJ “KSI” and Darren “IShowSpeed” has taken a new turn after the latter trolled and ratioed the former on X. With a charity match scheduled for December 15, the content creators have been engaging in a war of words on social media, garnering support from their respective fans. In response to JJ’s comment about the fight’s popularity, Darren trolled him by claiming that the British YouTuber and professional boxing star had prohibited him from wearing certain types of gloves, further accusing KSI of being “scared” for restricting the usage of 8-ounce gloves. The exchange led to Darren’s reply amassing about 17K likes, outnumbering JJ’s post, resulting in a clear ratio.

This is not the first time IShowSpeed has taunted KSI, as he previously labeled him as “scared” during a livestream on his YouTube channel. Additionally, there’s speculation that JJ deliberately scheduled his fight with Darren to coincide with Jake Paul’s bout against Andre August, possibly to undermine the younger Paul brother. Despite the relatively short notice for their fight, JJ has been optimistic about the viewership it will receive.

While KSI is well-known in professional boxing, IShowSpeed is not, but fans are eager to see how the popular livestreamer performs in the ring against his British counterpart. The on-and-off rivalry between the two has been a source of entertainment for fans, especially those who have witnessed their clashes in the Sidemen Charity football matches.

The banter has been a hit among fans, with many taking sides as they gear up for the anticipated match. As the showdown approaches, fans can find more details about the fight’s origin, how to watch it live, and the associated charitable fund here.