June 13, 2024

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Mastering the Art of Finishing a Project: A Complete Guide to Completion, Costs, and Beyond

The 84+ RTTK or Trailblazers Upgrade SBC, a unique challenge for Ultimate Team users, is now live in EA FC 24. Released during the ongoing Triple Threat events, it brings back cards from two earlier available promos in Ultimate Team. This event is the only alternative for players seeking cards from the RTTK and Trailblazers promos, aside from the market.

Finishing just one task successfully completes this challenge. Prior to attempting the SBC, users should estimate the coins required to complete it. Analyzing the tasks of the 84+ RTTK or Trailblazers Upgrade SBC in EA FC 24 is the best way to get an estimate.

There’s only one task as part of this SBC, making it suitable even for beginners. With easily fulfilled terms and conditions, it’s perfect for everyone.

The challenge will cost around 40,000 coins if obtaining all the fodder from the market. The completion cost is primarily based on the TOTW item that’s mandatory to use.

To reduce the final price, use cards from your Ultimate Team collection, which also enhances the value of any rewards received. Grinding different EA FC 24 modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals can help collect additional fodder at a lower rate.

The challenge is available for the next three days, providing time to grind for different packs.

Once the challenge is completed, a pack is earned that guarantees either an RTTK or a Trailblazers item. The final reward depends entirely on luck, making it trickier as certain cards may not be worth the fodder used. However, as long as disposable fodder is available, it’s worth completing the SBC at least once.

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