February 26, 2024

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Michelle Shildt: A Look Inside the Personal Life of San Diego Padres Manager Mike Shildt

Mike Shildt has been hired as the manager of the San Diego Padres, which means he and his wife’s life is about to change. The manager has led a team before, but he was most recently an assistant coach. It will be a return to something familiar for the two of them albeit in a new location.

Mike Shildt’s wife’s name is Michelle. She took his last name, so they are the Shildt family. The newly-hired MLB manager and Michelle officially got married on March 6, 2020. They had been engaged for a while, but they have largely kept the relationship’s details private. There’s no indication of when they met or how long they were engaged.

Michelle Shildt is a chart broker, and is currently working as an aviation insurance agent and charter broker at the Segrave Aviation Brokerage Firm and Eastern Aviation Insurance. She has reportedly held this spot for 17 years. Before coming on as a charter broker, she was a pharmaceutical sale representative for AstraZeneca. She also has a bit of experience as a sales agent for State Farm Insurance.

Michelle’s daughter, Laura Grace, is also on social media. She is older, so the child is from a previous partner. Michelle also has a second daughter.

Mike Shildt and wife Michelle are doing something new

Mike Shildt has been a manager before, so this is not an entirely new experience. He led the St. Louis Cardinals for several years, winning the division once and finishing second twice.

Mike Shildt is the new Padres manager

The job in San Diego will be different, though. It’s a new team and a new location. Shildt spent time with them as a bench coach before being named the manager for the 2024 season. After spending big in 2023, the team failed and is ready to turn to a new leaf next season.

Bob Melvin, their most recent manager, left for the San Francisco Giants, so Shildt will be managing against his former manager in close rivalry matchups all season. His wife Michelle will be right beside him supporting him in everything.