May 19, 2024

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Modern Warfare 3’s New Movement Buff Takes the Game to the Next Level

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 underwent a significant movement buff recently. Some players are finding the game more enjoyable to play following these changes. Sledgehammer Games detailed the modifications in their most recent patch notes, and the game is now much faster after the update on November 17. Popular CoD content creator ExoGhost posted a video of himself playing the game in MW2 Moshpit mode, showcasing the smoother gameplay compared to before. These updates appear to have made the game more fun and engaging for players, as indicated by community feedback and the observations of content creators such as ExoGhost and FNATIC Stallion.

The patch notes for the latest update revealed several changes to the game’s movement, including decreased Tac Sprint refresh delay after sliding by 75%, matching the Tac Sprint refresh time to the Infantry Vest/Running Sneakers, and decreasing sprint delay after sliding by 53%. These changes aim to add more fluidity to the movements in Modern Warfare 3. The community’s response and the excitement expressed by content creators reflect a positive reception of the updates.

With the advanced movement mechanisms and the potential addition of the Bunny Hop option, it seems that Modern Warfare 3 is striving to create an experience reminiscent of the original Modern Warfare (2019). Despite previous criticisms of the game’s movement, it appears that the majority of the fanbase is now appreciating the changes. The increased skill gap resulting from these developments also adds an additional layer of excitement to the gameplay experience. As the community continues to provide feedback and support for the changes, it’s clear that the recent movement buff has had a positive impact on the overall enjoyment of Modern Warfare 3.