July 21, 2024

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NFL Fans Roast Josh Allen as Madden 24 Cover Features Mike Vick

The 2023 season has been tough for Josh Allen, with the Buffalo Bills quarterback in the middle of a rough stretch and his team looking outside the playoff picture with a 5-4 record. The Bills recently fired offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey to try and get a spark to compete this season.

With the Buffalo Bills struggling to beat good teams and with Josh Allen turning the ball over a lot of times in 2023, NFL fans discovered something on Saturday that was a full plate to get after the quarterback: EA Sports’ Madden NFL 24, which originally had Allen on the cover, has switched to former quarterback Michael Vick as the cover.
Now, mind you – this is something that EA Sports has been doing for a while once the game changes its own season. But NFL fans don’t really care about being right when they have the chance to make jokes about a popular player:

Josh Allen has been struggling in 2023 – but it’s not his fault

With Josh Allen having another great year, the team can produce good offensive volume and overcome opposing defenses well throughout the games. You can see that, even if Buffalo is suffering with turnovers, moving the chains isn’t a problem for them.

But this team developed a worrying problem recently: the lack of efficiency in the red zone. If we take the numbers from the entire season, the Bills scored touchdowns 68.5% of the time they reached the 20-yard line, the third-best mark in the league; If we isolate the last three weeks, this number plummets to 54.55%, just 17th. Stefon Diggs is one of the most used players in this area of the field, and Dalton Kincaid is also an option there, but the team needs more – Gabriel Davis is not a trustworthy option.

Will the Bills fire Sean McDermott?

It’s certainly a possibility because, at the end of the day, the head coach is the one making decisions about who his assistants are. And the Bills have their fair share of misses on coordinators during Sean McDermott’s tenure.

He was the one responsible for promoting Ken Dorsey in 2022, and he was the one responsible for not firing him after the awful elimination during the playoffs to the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s also the one responsible for the entire defense following Leslie Frazier’s retirement after the loss in January. Josh Allen has not made the Super Bowl in his career yet.