May 19, 2024

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Olympic Champion Suni Lee’s Heartwarming Encounter with Arielle Chambers at Paris 2024 Photoshoot

American gymnast Suni Lee met her longtime friend Arielle Chambers at the 2024 Paris Olympics photoshoot. They recorded a short dancing video together to celebrate their reunion. Lee is currently working on her health issues ahead of the Paris Olympics 2024 after ending her college gymnastics career at Auburn University. She had an incurable kidney disease, which caused her to gain 45 pounds. Lee opened up about her health struggles in an interview, revealing that she was retaining water and had swollen eyes and fingers. She is now keeping an eye on her sodium intake and focusing on her professional career for the upcoming big event. Lee met Chambers at the Team USA’s Road-to-Paris photoshoot and they shared a fun video, which they both posted on social media, expressing their love and appreciation for each other.