July 21, 2024

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Phil Mickelson’s Allegiance to LIV Golf and the Bittersweet Reactions of Former PGA Star Frank Nobilo

Phil Mickelson is never far from the media spotlight. His decision to join the Saudi-backed LIV Golf in 2022 was heavily criticized by fans and veterans alike. Recently, former PGA Tour star Frank Nobilo expressed his thoughts on the six-time major champion during an Apple podcast episode with Gary William. He mentioned that while he admires Phil Mickelson’s skills and ability, his role in the LIV Golf league has been disastrous and that it saddens him. Nobilo also pointed out that many stories about Phil Mickelson in books are true, and that he has personally witnessed the negative behavior the golfer is known for. He also mentioned the dual personalities that Phil Mickelson possesses, describing it as a shame.

On the other hand, Phil Mickelson spoke optimistically about the LIV Golf league’s upcoming 2024 season, stating that many players are eager to join the league due to its structure, format, and team aspects. He mentioned that numerous players have already reached out to him, expressing their desire to be part of the upcoming season. The league is currently preparing for the off-season player movement and the promotions event in Abu Dhabi in December. Phil Mickelson is currently participating in the promotions event, which will determine the three players who will earn contracts for the 2024 season.