Rdp connection: what is this technology?

Remote Desktop Protocol has been present in Windows since XP, but not everyone knows how to use (and even have) Microsoft Remote Desktop to remotely connect to a computer with Windows 7, Windows 8, or 10, including without using any third-party programs. This guide describes how to use Microsoft Remote Desktop from a Windows computer, Mac OS X, and Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile devices. Note: connection is possible only to computers with a Windows edition of at least Pro (you can also connect from a home version), but Windows 10 has a new, very easy for novice users, the ability to connect to a desktop remotely, which is suitable in situations where it Requires one time and requires an Internet connection.

RDP over the Internet

The official website of Microsoft covers instructions on the way of allowing remote desktop connections over the Internet. It consists of forwarding port 3389 on the router to the IP address of your computer and then connecting to the public address of your router indicating this port.

In this opinion, this happens not to be the best option and it happens to be secure or might be even cooler, to make a VPN connection (making use of a router or Windows) and connect via VPN to the computer, then use the remote desktop as if you were in the same local network (however, port forwarding will still be required).

How does remote access work?

But that was only the simplest explanation. If you dig a little deeper, when creating an RDP connection in Windows to Buy RDP or any other stationery or mobile system, it is important to pay attention to one interesting nuance. For example, when starting some resource-intensive application or program, the version of which does not exist in nature for the operating system of the control device, it will be executed exclusively on a remote terminal, and with the use of its named main equipment such as a processor, RAM, etc. can only be audio playback, image transfer quality from one computer to another, and general use of the clipboard. But all these parameters can be reconfigured quite simply, which will be discussed a little later.

Connection options

As for creating a connection between two remote devices, this is usually done using special software called RDP clients. Despite the huge variety of such software, in Windows systems of the latest generations (even in the outdated version of XP), you can establish a connection between two devices using the built-in toolkit. But some third-party software looks a bit taller.

Therefore, further focus on three tools for quickly creating a connection:

Windows tools;

RDP-client Chrome from Google (not to be confused with the browser of the same name);

TeamViewer program.

Windows preliminary steps

If the user does not have additional utilities installed on his computer, you can always use your own system tools. In all modifications, it is called a remote “Desktop”. But to use it on the computer to which you intend to access it, you need to make some important settings related to the opening of access.