May 27, 2024

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Squad Foundation SBC: Mason Holgate’s Unique EA FC 24 Card

The new Mason Holgate Squad Foundation SBC is up in EA FC 24, giving players an opportunity to earn a special item for their Ultimate Team squad without having to open any packs. This boosted card comes with enhanced stats and an overall rating, making it a valuable addition to any player’s lineup.

To take on this squad building challenge, players need to complete specific tasks, starting with estimating the coins required for completion. The tasks include criteria such as the number of players from England, minimum OVR, squad rating, and the total number of players. By analyzing the tasks, players can get an idea of the probable costs and decide whether to attempt the challenge.

Completing the latest SBC can be done for as little as 23,000 coins, if players obtain the necessary items from the market or from their existing Ultimate Team collection. Additionally, the challenge will be available in Ultimate Team for the next five weeks, giving players ample time to gather the required items.

Players can earn different packs based on their performances in Squad Battles, Weekend Leagues, and Division Rivals, which can provide the cards needed to complete the SBC. This approach can help players save coins for other purposes and reduce the overall cost of the challenge.

After completing the Mason Holgate Squad Foundation SBC, players will receive an 85-rated CB item with impressive key stats, including 82 Pace, 83 Defending, and 85 Physicals. The card also features the Intercept and Anticipate playstyles, making it useful in various situations. While the card is valuable, players are advised to complete the challenge if they have plenty of disposable fodder in their EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

In conclusion, the Mason Holgate Squad Foundation SBC presents an opportunity to earn a valuable item for Ultimate Team squads without the need to open packs. With some strategic planning and squad management, players can complete the challenge at a reasonable cost and add a valuable player to their roster.