July 21, 2024

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Stray Kids’ 3RACHA Thrill Fans as Special Judges on JYP’s Nizi Project Season 2

The Stray Kids’ rap line, 3RACHA, appeared as special judges on Nizi Project season 2 on December 8. In the latest episode of JYP Entertainment’s Japanese survival show Nizi Project season 2, the three talented members of the K-pop boy group Stray Kids, Bang Chan, HAN, and Changbin guided the contestants. The 4th generation K-pop group was formed in 2017 through a survival show, Stray Kids. The boy group members proved their talents and demonstrated their skills to win the cutthroat competition. Watching Bang Chan, HAN, and Changbin appear on the show as guest judges, fans on social media got emotional. To express their pride in the group members, fans on the X said, “My 3RACHA they’ve come so far”.

Fans complimented the LALALALA singers for their soft tone and encouraging words to the contestants and highlighted their success timeline from being survival show trainees in 2017 to presenting a special collaboration dance with JYP Entertainment trainees on the show Loud in 2021 and finally appearing as a special judge on Nizi Project season 2. Changbin impressed netizens with his excellent Japanese speaking skills, and fans pointed out his fluency while guiding the participants. The S-Class singer spoke about their journey of surviving the show back in 2017 and how he resonated with the participants.

Stray Kids is famous for producing songwriting, heavenly vocals, and incredible dancing skills. Previously, the group bagged Best K-pop Album with 5-Star at the Billboard Music Awards, Best K-pop Video for S-Class at MTV Video Music Awards, and more. Furthermore, On November 30, all three 3RACHA members, Bang Chan, HAN, and Changbin, spent 100 cumulative weeks on Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 Lyricists and Hot 100 Composers charts. This is a remarkable achievement for a sub-unit as they have become the first 4th generation group in K-pop to reach this milestone. This reality show formed the Japanese girl group NiziU in the first season, which aired in 2020. Nizi Project season 2 allows 20 male contestants from Japan to compete against each other, selected by Producer J. Y. Park. Winning contestants will form a global Japanese boy group under JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment Japan.