July 21, 2024

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The Complete Guide to All Tasks, Rewards, and More

This dataset is all about the Thunderstruck Daily Play Games Objective now live in EA FC 24, which allows players to win different packs by simply playing matches in Ultimate Team. The rewards offered by this addition can be obtained for free, making it a sensible move for players since they don’t need to rely on luck.

The Thunderstruck Daily Play Games Objective has been released to celebrate the launch of EA FC 24’s Thunderstruck promo and to kick off the Black Friday celebrations in the title. The set consists of two types of tasks, one with five tasks and the other with seven tasks.

Players can complete matches in any mode and win rewards by doing so, with each task offering different rewards that can be earned daily. These rewards include Premium Gold Packs and 75+ Player Picks. Completing all five tasks will earn players a Prime Gold Players Pack in EA FC 24.

The Thunderstruck Daily Play Games Objective Completionist set is related to the first one and offers rewards for completing the objectives multiple times. These rewards range from Jumbo Premium Gold Packs to Rare Players Packs, with completion of all tasks earning players a Jumbo Rare Players Pack in Ultimate Team.