February 29, 2024

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The Devil 26-year-old’s Epic Comeback to Challenge MJF for AEW World Title

AEW’s mystery Devil storyline has captured the attention of wrestling fans worldwide. The latest episode of Dynamite has sparked speculation that 26-year-old star Jack Perry could be the masked figure. The Devil’s maniacal laugh on the show has led many to believe that Perry fits the bill due to his physique. AEW seems keen on prolonging the storyline, possibly until the upcoming Worlds End pay-per-view in December. There is fear that Perry may come after MJF, resulting in Friedman losing the belt. Fans have expressed disappointment on social media at the prospect of Perry being revealed as the Devil, suggesting that other stars like Adam Cole or CM Punk would be more fitting. The outcome of this storyline remains to be seen, but there is concern that it could backfire on AEW if not executed well.