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The Lava Rock Unveils its Stand User as its Mechanisms are Unveiled

JoJoLands chapter 9 was released on November 16, 2023, continuing Jodio and his friends’ attempt to escape from mainland Hawaii. However, their escape has been complicated by Dragona and Paco’s antics within the watch store, as well as a seemingly attack on Jodio and Paco by an unknown assailant.

JoJoLands chapter 9 makes significant progress in advancing these plotlines, even seemingly concluding one by the issue’s end. The chapter also reveals exciting revelations about the Lava Rock’s Mechanisms, presenting theories likely meant to be taken as concrete fact. It reveals how the Lava Rock attracts objects to its owner in direct and indirect ways.

The chapter begins with Jodio arguing with Paco about their next move, and receiving a call from his mother, Barbara Ann Joestar, asking where they are. Jodio and Paco discuss the mysterious disappearance of a watch from a watch store, with Dragona and Usagi.

Eventually, the chapter reveals that the disappearance of the watch is linked to the Lava Rock, with Dragona claiming that the rock uses people’s emotions and connections to ensure valuable items are attracted and return to the Lava Rock’s owner(s).

The chapter ends with a shocking reveal of a fake Paco, who attacks Jodio with a knife, seemingly slitting his throat.

Overall, JoJoLands chapter 9 is an exciting addition to the series, setting up the next major Stand fight and promising future developments.