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The Ultimate Honkai Star Rail Harmony Character Tier List (December 2023)

In Honkai Star Rail, characters on the Path of Harmony excel at providing buffs to their allies, boosting the potential of DPS characters and serving as the foundation of the team. With the game’s ever-shifting meta, players may be unsure which characters to use and build. This article provides a list of all the Path of Harmony characters in Honkai Star Rail based on the current meta. Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the writer.

SS+ Tier:
Hanya and Bronya are the SS+ tier Harmony characters in Honkai Star Rail version 1.5. These characters are strong and can significantly help their teams in battle. Bronya is a five-star character who can increase her allies’ CRIT DMG and enhance a partner’s damage. Meanwhile, Hanya can raise an ally’s SPD and ATK stat, as well as retrieve skill points for her teammates. These units work effectively in a team, allowing players to finish end-game tasks swiftly.

S Tier:
Tingyun is the only Harmony character in the S tier for December 2023. She can boost an ally’s ATK stat and replenish energy, making her an essential unit for every end-game squad.

A Tier:
Asta is the only character in the A tier and requires the appropriate gear and substantial resource investment to perform well. Her powers can increase the SPD and ATK stats of her teammates, but she needs Eidolons to have a lasting effect on the battlefield due to power creep.

B Tier:
Yukong falls in the B tier and doesn’t stand out in the meta despite having decent kits. She is overshadowed by other Harmony characters in the current version of the game and needs Eidolons and a strong team to be effective on the battlefield.