May 19, 2024

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The Unstoppable EA FC 24 Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC

The Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC is now available in EA FC 24, and players can add a promo card to their Ultimate Team squads through it. This latest challenge appeared on the opening night of the new Triple Threat promo, which includes some stellar items currently available in the packs. While you’ll need to rely on your luck to find these cards from the packs, you can get Neville’s special item just by completing the latest SBC.
The first thing you need to do is determine the number of coins you’ll need to complete this challenge’s tasks. This will help you figure out if you should attempt it in the first place. The best way to get an idea about your potential expenses is by analyzing the tasks EA FC 24’s Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC.

All EA FC 24 Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC tasks

The Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC is relatively simple, as it has only one task. Moreover, this challenge’s requirements are pretty manageable, making it ideal to complete for beginners and veterans alike. Here are the conditions you have to meet to complete this SBC:
Task – Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC
# of players from England: Min 1
Minimum OVR of 85: Min 1
Squad rating: Min 83
# of players in the squad: 11

This special challenge will cost slightly less than 20,000 coins to complete if you get all the fodder from Ulitmate Team’s market. That said, you can reduce that amount using cards already available in your Ultimate Team collection. Moreover, you can always find more fodder to use in such challenges by grinding different EA FC 24 modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals.
Using necessary items from your own collection will reduce the final price of this SBC and help you save your coins. The latest Triple Threat challenge will be available for one week. That means you can also boost up your seasonal XPs to win more milestone rewards as well.

Is the EA FC 24 Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC worth it?

In terms of pure value, this challenge is extremely tempting, although linking the card could be a tad problematic. However, Neville can fit extremely well with other promo items like James Maddison and Ledley King. Moreover, her 88-rated RB card can also operate at RWB, RM, and LM, which is incredible when it comes to squad flexibility.
Her 84 Pace complements her 87 Defending, both of which can be boosted with a suitable chemistry style. She might not have any playstyle+. However, there’s a plethora of normal playstyles available on the card.
Moreover, most players should have the required fodder needed to unlock her in their collection. This Neville card can be considered one of the best bargains to be released after the game’s early access in September.