June 13, 2024

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The WWE Universe is Convinced that a 6-Time Champion will Interfere in Jey Uso’s World Heavyweight Championship Match on RAW

Jey Uso will challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship this week on WWE RAW. Fans believe that it could finally be the former Bloodline member’s chance to hold singles gold. However, many think Drew McIntyre will cost Uso the title. McIntyre’s issues with Jey Uso and the whole locker room have been evident due to what the former Bloodline member put him through. His hatred of Uso extended to Seth Rollins last week on RAW when he found out that Rollins had offered Jey a title shot. McIntyre wanted the title shot, leading to speculation that he will interfere in the match and cost Jey Uso the title. It is likely to set up a triple-threat match between the three men down the line. McIntyre lost his last title match to Seth Rollins but has been pushing for a second chance. The best option for McIntyre could be a triple-threat match at Royal Rumble with Rollins and Jey Uso. However, his interference could backfire, and he could instead hand the title to Uso and be forced to challenge him instead. Share your thoughts on Drew McIntyre interfering on RAW in the comments section below.