June 13, 2024

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The WWE Welcomes 14 New Superstars to Its Roster

WWE has announced the signing of 14 new athletes today. The company has made significant changes after merging with UFC’s parent company, Endeavor, in September. This led to the release of over 100 employees and several talents from the main roster and NXT. The promotion has now announced the new class of athletes to be signed to the company’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) program.

The press release highlighted WWE’s first acrobatics athlete, Bayley Humphrey, and Slane Glover, the first male cheerleader to sign with the promotion. The class also includes two top-ranked wrestlers, Lucas Davison from the University of Michigan and Stephen Buchanan from the University of Oklahoma, as well as the first baseball player, Adam Berghorst from Indiana State.

The complete list of college athletes announced to have signed to the NIL program includes:
1. Adam Berghost (Indiana State, Baseball)
2. Bayley Humphrey (Baylor, Acrobatics)
3. Darci Khan (Howard, Track & Field)
4. Desmond Coleman (Liberty, Track & Field)
5. Grace Stephens (Monmouth, Track & Field)
6. Jeremy Cody (Miami, Track & Field)
7. Josh Pearcy (Rice, Football)
8. Kali Terza (Kennesaw State, Track & Field)
9. Lucas Davison (Michigan, Wrestling)
10. Momen Zahid (William & Mary, Football)
11. Sirena Linton (Arkansas, Gymnastics)
12. Skyla Schulte (Michigan State, Gymnastics)
13. Slane Glover (Ohio State, Cheerleader)
14. Stephen Buchanan (Oklahoma, Wrestling)

Former WWE star Top Dolla praised Stephanie McMahon, calling her the nicest person he dealt with in the company’s “Front Office” before his release in September. The company recently added Randy Orton and CM Punk to weekly television, raising excitement for the future of WWE.