July 21, 2024

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Thierry Correia: The Thunderstruck SBC Star for EA FC 24

The Thierry Correia Thunderstruck SBC is the latest special item released by EA Sports in EA FC 24, representing one of the final additions to the ongoing promo and Black Friday celebrations. The challenge can be completed without relying on pack luck, with specific requirements to be fulfilled. The potential cost of completing this SBC, estimated at 55,000 coins, can be minimized by sourcing fodder from different game modes, thus impacting its valuation. Upon completion, players unlock an 85-rated RB item suitable for interesting playstyles, although the current high cost due to inflated TOTW prices should be taken into consideration. The item may receive future upgrades and playstyles, making it an intriguing card. However, players need to assess the cost-effectiveness of completing the challenge before proceeding.