December 8, 2023

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The launch of the Triple Threat promo in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has been accompanied by the release of the Mixed Leagues Upgrade and Premium Mixed Leagues Upgrade SBCs. These challenges are a hit among dedicated FUT enthusiasts and have made a comeback in the latest edition.

Introduced in FIFA 23, the content of the Mixed Leagues Upgrade and Premium Mixed Leagues Upgrade offers a great opportunity for gamers to obtain packs. The challenges can be repeated by players who have the necessary players in EA FC 24, adding to the excitement in Ultimate Team.

With special cards for players like David Ginola and Yaya Toure available in the Triple Threat promo, gamers are keen to open as many packs as possible to acquire these items. The Mixed Leagues Upgrade and Premium Mixed Leagues Upgrade SBCs have become even more attractive in this scenario.

The Mixed Leagues Upgrade consists of four individual segments, each with specific requirements related to the players’ clubs, quality, overall rating, and chemistry. On completion, players can expect to receive packs along with a Small Rare players pack, making it a rewarding challenge with an expected cost of around 12,000 coins.

The Premium Mixed Leagues Upgrade, on the other hand, comprises four segments featuring popular and mainstream club competitions. Similar to the basic version, it offers packs for each segment and a group reward of a Prime Gold Players pack, with an estimated cost of around 40,000 coins.

Overall, both challenges present an opportunity for players to grind and accumulate packs, making them a valuable addition to the gaming experience in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.