July 21, 2024

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Top WWE Stars Advocating for 38-Year-Old AEW Departure

A veteran star is reported to leave AEW early next year, with many within WWE expressing interest in the performer to get hired by the global juggernaut. The wrestler in question is none other than QT Marshall, who recently dropped a major bombshell when he revealed that he had resigned from All Elite Wrestling.

Marshall has been a part of Tony Khan’s promotion since its inception. Apart from his on-screen role, the 38-year-old also had a coaching role in AEW. However, his run in the company is now finally coming to an end. Rumors began to float about how QT Marshall had desired to be featured more prominently on TV.

A new update by Fightful Select has mentioned how Marshall could be done with All Elite Wrestling on January 1st next year. It was also noted that Major League Wrestling was interested in acquiring QT Marshall’s talents as they considered him to be a “jack of all trades” both in and outside of the squared circle.

Moreover, many in WWE were also reportedly excited about having Marshall in the company and were pushing for him to get hired down the line. It remains to be seen how things take shape for QT Marshall in the coming months.

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