June 13, 2024

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Trouble Brewing in Jalen Hurts’ Locker Room: Former Patriots Star Sounds Alarm After 49ers Blowout Loss

Jalen Hurts enjoyed defeating two of the top offseason darlings in the AFC with wins over Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. However, one week after delivering defeats to those teams, the Eagles suffered one of their own against the San Francisco 49ers.

Some believe the loss rolled off their back. But speaking on Good Morning Football, Jason McCourty underlined how there actually could be big problems brewing between the defense and their general manager:

“[00:00:00] I look at them right now and this has to be a pissed-off Philly team that’s going on the road to Dallas. … Howie Roseman goes out there, he gets Shaq Leonard. If I’m a linebacker on that team, I’m taking a little bit of offense to it. We just gave up over 140 yards rushing to San Francisco.”


McCourty continued, illustrating a brewing reason for division between the workers and the boss:

“The talk of the town has been our DBs couldn’t tackle. That’s been the talk since this game. On Sunday, we go out and get Shaq Leonard, a three-time All-Pro. But this is a guy coming off of two back surgeries. The Colts owe him money and they still release him. And we’re saying we’re going to better our defense by going out and getting him? [00:00:38]”

Examining Jalen Hurts’ unsettling stumble

Jalen Hurts at Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles

Through September and October, analysts and fans were singing praises about Jalen Hurts. However, November and early December have not been quite so kind. Up to November 20, the quarterback had kept his completion percentage above 60 percent in every game.

He has slipped below that bar in back-to-back games against the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers. Against the Buffalo Bills, he completed just 58.1 percent of his passes. Then, against the San Francisco 49ers, he completed just 57.8 percent of his throws.

One could say that he’s taken a step back in the last two games on a downward trend. However, the problem has been there longer than that.

Jalen Hurts completed 76.3 percent of his throws on October 29. In every game since, he has had a lower completion percentage than the game prior. It was easy to dismiss when he was hovering in the 70s and 60s, but now in the 50s, the trend has become alarming.

Was this rock bottom for Jalen Hurts or could he be in for another slip against the Dallas Cowboys on December 10?

If any of the above quotes are used, credit Good Morning Football and H/T Sportskeeda.