April 24, 2024

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Unleash the Power: Moises Caicedo’s Radioactive SBC in EA FC 24

The active Moises Caicedo Radioactive SBC has been recently added to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, offering fans a chance to obtain a promo item for their squads without relying on pure luck. By completing the tasks in this SBC before it expires, players can acquire Moises Caicedo’s featured card without the need to open any packs. Prior to starting the challenge, it’s essential to anticipate the number of coins required to obtain the necessary fodder. By carefully assessing the tasks and conditions of this SBC, you can better gauge the potential expenses involved.

The SBC entails three tasks, all of which have attainable conditions for completion. Task 1 involves a minimum squad rating of 83 along with at least one player from the Premier League in a squad of 11 players. Task 2 requires a minimum squad rating of 84 with 11 players in the squad. Task 3 necessitates a minimum of one in-form player, a squad rating of 85, and 11 players in the squad. Acquiring the required fodder for this SBC from the in-game market is estimated to cost around 110,000 coins, but players can reduce this cost by utilizing cards already in their Ultimate Team collections.

For those facing a shortage of fodder, participating in EA FC 24 modes such as Squad Battles and Division Rivals is recommended. These modes offer packs that can provide additional fodder, allowing players to save coins for other uses within Ultimate Team. However, while the challenge presents a worthy investment in terms of the required fodder, there are cheaper alternatives to consider.

Upon successful completion of the challenge, players will unlock Moises’ 86-rated CDM item, which can also function as a CM. Notably, this card is best suited for defensive roles due to its high defensive and physical attributes, which may require additional boosts. Despite the card’s favorable attributes, a lower SBC completion cost would have made this challenge more appealing and incentivizing for players. Overall, while the Moises Caicedo Radioactive SBC is worth undertaking based on the required fodder, players should explore other cheaper alternatives available.