February 29, 2024

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Unmasking the Mystery Man: Who the Heck is He?

Former professional footballer Joey Barton has once again sparked controversy by engaging in body shaming and launching an attack on UK-based YouTuber Stephen Howson. Howson, who is the creator of the widely followed channel Stretford Paddock and a co-host on Rio Ferdinand’s Five channel, criticized Joey for his sexist remarks promoting the exclusion of women from men’s football.

Barton’s views have drawn widespread attention and criticism from various quarters, including Howson. In response to the YouTuber, Barton lashed out, calling Howson an “Over sized, couch potato” and saying he “Speaks like a 9-year-old got his phone.”

Howson swiftly responded to Barton’s attack, asserting that Barton speaks like a child and challenging him to keep the same energy in person. Howson also reacted to Barton’s interest in appearing on Rio Ferdinand’s YouTube channel, where Howson serves as a co-host.

The exchanges between Howson and Barton elicited a range of responses from the community. Despite his extensive experience in professional football, Barton’s recent statements have been characterized by sexist undertones, prompting further criticism and debate.