February 29, 2024

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WWE Legend Surprised by Roman Reigns’ Astonishing Statistic

In 2023, Roman Reigns has only competed in 11 WWE matches. Kevin Nash, a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, expressed surprise at this low number, noting that he had expected Reigns to have participated in a significantly higher number of matches. Reigns, as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, has only appeared on WWE television 7 times this year and had 4 untelevised matches. Comparatively, Gunther and Seth Rollins have each competed in 88 and 89 bouts, respectively, since January 1.

Nash, who was known for wrestling over 200 times a year during his in-ring career, couldn’t believe how few matches Reigns had appeared in this year. He specifically mentioned that he wouldn’t have expected Reigns to have only 11 matches, as he had assumed it to be in the range of 50 to 60. Reigns’ most recent match saw him retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against LA Knight at Crown Jewel on November 4.

Kevin Nash went on to compare Roman Reigns’ schedule to that of heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, who often competes only a handful of times per year. Nash implied that Reigns has become the wrestling equivalent of a heavyweight boxer known for fighting two or three times a year, like Fury. Reigns is not scheduled to appear at Survivor Series WarGames on November 25, and it remains uncertain if he will wrestle again in 2023.

The article from Sportskeeda was transcribed from the podcast “Kliq This” and advised readers to credit Kliq This and Sportskeeda Wrestling if they use any quotes from the article. It also prompted readers to share their thoughts on Reigns’ part-time schedule in the comments section below.