June 13, 2024

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Antonela Roccuzzo’s Heartfelt Message to Cousins After Violent Robbery

Lionel Messi’s wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, has displayed support for her cousin following an attack at a supermarket in Rosario. Agustina Scalia, who is Roccuzzo’s cousin, along with two supermarket employees, was robbed and assaulted while driving to a bank. The robbers, armed with guns, also fired at Scalia’s car. After surrendering two bags of money worth US$ 21,500, all three individuals were left unharmed. Scalia later shared photos of the incident on Instagram, expressing gratitude for the support received. Roccuzzo commented on the post, expressing her love for her cousin.

Rosario’s Police Chief, Diego Santamarina, announced that an investigation will be launched using fingerprints and security footage.

In a separate development, Sergio Aguero, a former Manchester City player, believes that Lionel Messi may rejoin Barcelona in the future. Aguero emphasized Messi’s love for the club and city despite moving to the MLS. Aguero previously stated that there is a 50% chance Messi could return to Barcelona. This statement follows reports of a potential return to Camp Nou for a Legends XI match against Cristiano Ronaldo and other former football stars.

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