July 21, 2024

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Bayley’s Quest for Two WWE Stars for Damage CTRL – One Missing for 30 Months!

The current incarnation of Damage CTRL is quite different from what Bayley had originally envisioned. She wanted Peyton Royce and Tegan Nox in the group, but the group has evolved over time. Additionally, the group, which faced backlash over its name when it was first introduced, originally had a different name in mind.

The fate of Damage CTRL and its upcoming match against Team Bianca Belair at WWE Survivor Series 2023 remains to be seen. It will be interesting to see how the faction, led by Bayley, will fare in this high-stakes confrontation.

Asuka, who was officially welcomed into Damage CTRL by Bayley on WWE SmackDown last week, will play a key role in the faction’s showdown at Survivor Series. This development sets the stage for an intense battle as the group seeks to assert its dominance in the WWE landscape.

In the world of WWE, factions and alliances often play a crucial role in shaping storylines and determining the direction of the company. Damage CTRL’s formation and the addition of Asuka have generated significant interest and intrigue among fans, and the faction’s future holds great potential for compelling narratives and thrilling in-ring action.