April 24, 2024

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Deion Sanders responds to exodus of players from Colorado

Deion Sanders remains confident that losses in the class of 2025 will not be a major concern. As the college football transfer portal for the 2024 season opens, CU fans are wondering how many players will leave the team. Linebacker Marvin Ham II, who played in 11 games this season, is one of the names being closely watched. Sanders’ staff has experienced some changes, with defensive ends coach Nick Williams reportedly leaving.

Deion Sanders’ reaction to the exodus of players from Colorado’s roster
As reported by Buffaloes Wire, a list of players who are leaving the University of Colorado football team through the transfer portal this offseason includes tight end Caleb Fauria, linebacker Marvin Ham II, offensive tackle Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan, center Van Wells, and running back Anthony Hankerson. Colorado football analyst Carl Reed asked Sanders Via 247Sports on the live show on Monday: “You said, the other day something about recruits and their girlfriends. They’re not even faithful to their girlfriends, so how are they going to be faithful to a school?” “It’s not big to lose kids in the class of 25,” Deion Sanders said. “How long that is to stay committed to a person that you don’t see, but maybe once or twice a year, that’s tremendous. … I mean, you got to understand, we, at this point, have not lost anything that we desperately have to have.”

While Sanders acknowledged that losing commitments is not ideal, he explained that not everyone can be happy in a team of 125-120 players, and he understands that they won’t all have their appetites appeased.
To improve, the coach will continue to actively recruit new players and foster a competitive atmosphere for the Colorado Buffaloes. One of Prime’s top priorities is improving Colorado’s offensive line, as this will be a critical factor in their success moving forward.

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Colorado needs to keep up with the top-ranked colleges like Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, and Oregon in attracting the best young talent. The easiest way to achieve this is by consistently winning and proving that the university can also prepare players for the NFL. However, as per SI, Coach Prime’s upcoming season two release on Dec. 7 on Amazon Prime can significantly help CU in more than one way. Coach Prime can now not only promote himself but also project Colorado as a team that can shape players for the NFL. Some students might prefer to become a part of the show, while others would want to be a part of a program that helps them build their skills toward NFL success.