February 26, 2024

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Former WWE Star CM Punk Slams RAW Promo as “Absolutely Terrible”

CM Punk made his first WWE promo in nearly a decade on the November 27 episode of RAW. He returned to WWE at Saturday’s Survivor Series: WarGames event in his hometown of Chicago. On Monday’s RAW in Nashville, he claimed to have changed since his last stint with the company and referred to WWE as “home.”

Ryback, Punk’s former WWE rival, has criticized Punk’s promo, stating that it was not well-received outside of Chicago and suggesting that it was likely scripted by a higher-up. He also claimed that Punk’s return to WWE was due to financial reasons and took aim at Punk’s unsuccessful MMA career.

Punk’s promo has sparked conversation among fans, and Ryback’s comments have added fuel to the fire. The two former wrestlers have had a contentious history, and Ryback’s recent remarks have reignited their public feud.

Overall, CM Punk’s return to WWE and his promo have generated significant interest and debate within the wrestling community. It remains to be seen how this will impact his future in the company.