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With EA FC 24 Ultimate Team’s Radioactive promo nearing its end, EA Sports has put out the Radioactive Challenge 3 SBC. This marks the third installment of the SBC, which offers players multiple chances to attain packs.

The Radioactive promo has been a big hit in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, featuring special cards and numerous SBCs with player items and packs. The Radioactive Challenge 3 SBC follows suit by offering fans a cost-effective and straightforward pack reward.

Challenge SBCs have been a key part of almost every promo in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, serving as a valuable source of low-cost and easy packs for gamers. This third pack-yielding SBC in the Radioactive promo offers a Jumbo Premium Gold pack, continuing the trend of improving rewards.

To complete the Radioactive Challenge 3 SBC, players must construct a single squad with specific restrictions:
– Minimum of four players from the same league in the starting eleven
– Maximum of five players from the same nation/region in the starting eleven
– Minimum of two players from the same club in the starting eleven
– Minimum of 75 as the team’s overall rating
– Minimum of 22 as the total chemistry

The SBC’s anticipated cost is around 3,500 coins, making it a worthwhile challenge to redeem a Jumbo Premium Gold pack valued at around 15,000 coins in the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Store.

This cost can be further minimized by utilizing a mix of gold, silver, and bronze untradeable items from players’ clubs, allowing for completion without any additional spending.

Overall, the Radioactive Challenge 3 SBC presents great value and an opportunity to obtain packs at a reasonable cost.