June 13, 2024

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Latest Developments on CM Punk’s Rumored WWE Comeback

According to a new report from Fightful Select, top talents in the locker room were informed that CM Punk would not be making a return for Survivor Series. The report added that it would not be sensible for the company to lie to them. Fightful also added that key names in creative have been told that Punk is not returning, and there are no plans in the works known by the creative team. However, it was also reported that Punk has told at least one individual close to him that he has been in conversation with a WWE higher-up, but there was no context to the conversation available to report.

Drew McIntyre recently discussed a potential WWE return for CM Punk after he was let go by All Elite Wrestling. McIntyre mentioned that he doesn’t make those decisions but added that CM Punk certainly knows how to get fans talking.

CM Punk is a controversial star that has become a daily topic of conversation amongst wrestling fans. It will be fascinating to see if the veteran does wind up returning to WWE after almost a decade away.