May 19, 2024

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Learning from the G.O.A.T.: My Dream Lessons

Kim Kardashian and tennis legend Serena Williams recently had a playful exchange on social media. Kim posted a series of photos from a tennis-themed photoshoot where she admitted to not holding a racquet correctly and expressed her desire to learn from Serena. In response, Serena teased her friend about her racquet grip and offered to give her lessons. The lighthearted banter is a reflection of their longstanding friendship, which dates back over 15 years. Kim also mentioned in a recent video that she would love to receive tennis lessons from the G.O.A.T. In another notable event, Kim Kardashian presented Serena Williams with the 2023 CFDA “Fashion Icon” award at the CFDA Awards. Serena became the first athlete to receive the Fashion Icon Award. The event showcased the close friendship and mutual admiration shared between the two prominent figures.