June 13, 2024

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Rekkles, Former LEC Superstar, Set to Join T1 Academy as Support

T1’s academy team potentially to acquire Martin “Rekkles” Larsson in 2024 according to reports. He will transition to the support role after spending a year honing those skills. There is a verbal understanding between Rekkles and the organization. The European sensation is expected to join T1 Academy and play in the LCK Challengers League. Although it has not been officially confirmed, multiple sources claim the news of Rekkles joining the team is true. His mentorship and support for T1 Academy were observed during the Worlds 2023, and joining the team would be a significant opportunity for him. Despite not starting on the main stage, the academy squad has a history of promoting prominent performers. Rekkles’ form has declined since his time with G2 in 2021, and joining the LCK Challengers is a chance for him to reinvent his image.