July 21, 2024

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The Comeback: Injured WWE Star Gives Update Ahead of Long-Awaited RAW Return

WWE has experienced a series of injuries in the past year, resulting in major stars from RAW and SmackDown being sidelined. The injuries have led to significant changes in the company’s booking. Liv Morgan, who has been sidelined due to injuries, has provided an update ahead of RAW.

Morgan, along with Raquel Rodriguez, won the Women’s Tag Team titles but had to relinquish them due to Morgan’s shoulder injury. Upon her return, they won the title again but lost it after 16 days, with Morgan being written off TV due to another injury caused by Rhea Ripley. However, Morgan has now provided an update on her recovery, stating that she has been getting a lot of sleep and appears to be doing well.

It is possible that Morgan’s time away from the ring is coming to an end, and she may make a return soon. However, this remains to be seen for now. Sportskeeda Wrestling has reached out to Undertaker following his whisper to Bray Wyatt.