February 26, 2024

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Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Corbin Carroll had a stellar rookie season. Through 155 regular season games, he hit .285/.362/.506 with 25 home runs, 54 stolen bases, and a league-leading 10 triples. He was essential in the Diamondbacks’ success this year. His spectacular season led to a National League Rookie of the Year Award when the season came to an end.

Despite his jaw-dropping stats, Carroll believes those numbers should have been even higher. He recently went on Foul Territory to reveal that he was given the red light on base stealing for a few weeks while dealing with a knee injury.

“I feel like there’s more in the tank” stated Carroll.

Corbin Carroll was diagnosed with a knee contusion at the end of April. It caused him to be day-to-day, but the pain lingered for a bit. Fortunately, he did not do severe damage. There is no telling how the Diamondbacks’ season would have gone if Carroll had to miss significant time.

Despite the injury, Carroll powered through the injury and was one of the most entertaining players to watch this season. He even received some National League MVP votes a few days ago, finishing fifth.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are in good hands with Corbin Carroll

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Corbin Carroll is just the latest example of how ready some prospects are when they get their chance in the big leagues. And it is not just a handful, either. It seems like every team has a couple of prospects in their system waiting to make a name for themselves.

Recently, fans have been fortunate to see the start of careers for guys like Julio Rodriguez, Ronald Acuna Jr., Adley Rutschman, and Elly De La Cruz. Undoubtedly, each of these players will go on to have great careers.

For Carroll, all eyes will be on him next season. Fans will want to see if the 2023 season is a fluke year or if this is the type of player he truly is. If he can stay healthy, the 2024 season should mirror the 2023 campaign for him.

Carroll has one of the best all-around bats in his class, and his speed makes him a threat to steal at any moment. He consistently hits the ball hard and has the ability to hit the ball to all sides of the field.

The Diamondbacks are in pretty good hands with this young outfielder.