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Unlocking the Secret: A Guide to Finding Lock Picks in Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion needs you to revamp different parts of Maddie’s ancestral home, which has been overlooked for ages. The producer of the matching puzzle game, Metacore Games Oy, consistently releases updates to bring in new areas and events to the title, including Charlie’s Hideout.

Charlie’s Hideout, the 29th area of Merge Mansion, features multiple new merge chains, such as Lock Picks and the Magnifier. These items are crucial to restoring the section and advancing to the Dining Room.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on acquiring Lock Picks and their source.

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A detailed guide to obtaining Lock Picks in Merge Mansion

You can obtain Lock Picks from the Basic Lock Pick Set (Level 7) in Merge Mansion. The source will randomly drop a Beginner Lock Pick and Starter Lock Pick, which, depending on the requirements of the hand, can be merged multiple times.

The Multi Tool Lock Pick is the highest stage of Lock Picks (Image via Play Games / YouTube)

The various merge stages of the Lock Pick are as follows:

  • Level 1 – Beginner Lock Pick
  • Level 2 – Starter Lock Picks
  • Level 3 – Primary Lock Picks
  • Level 4 – Hook Lock Picks
  • Level 5 – Lock Pick Key Ring
  • Level 6 – Multi Tool Lock Pick

You cannot go any further with the Multi Tool Lock Pick except for the missions in the area.

How to get a Basic Lock Pick Set in Merge Mansion

The Basic Lock Pick Set is the highest level of the Nuts and Bolts merge chain, which begins with a Hexagon Nut. You must start by collecting drops from Charlie’s Kit and merging them to obtain the item in question.

You will have to merge Hexagon Nuts to get the Basic Lock Pick Set (Image via Play Games / YouTube)

The various merge stages of Nuts and Bolts are as follows:

  • Level 1 – Hexagon Nuts
  • Level 2 – Hexagon Bolts
  • Level 3 – Spiral Screw
  • Level 4 – Spiral Hooks
  • Level 5 – Hex Keys
  • Level 6 – Lock Pick Framework
  • Level 7 – Basic Lock Pick Set

You can collect a total of three drops from the Basic Lock Pick Set. It will then revert to Lock Pick Framework (Level 6), and you can once again merge it to reach the next stage.

How do you get Charlie’s Kit in Merge Mansion?

Charlie’s Kit is a source item in Merge Mansion that you can acquire after completing the task in Hideout. It cannot be merged further and thus has no additional levels.

You can receive Nut and Bolts (besides Magnifier) randomly at an interval of four hours, with the possibility to stack up to four recharges with a drop of 20 each.