April 24, 2024

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Up-and-Coming 25-Year-Old Wrestler Set to Make Debut as Randy Orton’s Apprentice: Is it Feasible?

At Survivor Series: WarGames, Randy Orton made his much-awaited return to WWE. Since 2022, The Viper has been sidelined due to an injury. However, now that Orton has returned, the Stamford-based promotion will have plenty of avenues to explore with the superstar. One such angle the promotion could explore could involve Randy Orton introducing an NXT star as his protege on Monday Night RAW. The young NXT star in question is Myles Borne. After Orton’s comeback at Survivor Series, Borne was among the first men to congratulate The Viper. While this could be a potential way for Borne to tease his debut on RAW, another reason this angle makes sense can be attributed to Randy Orton’s past. In 2019, Orton formed Legacy, mentoring Cody Rhodes and Ted DeBiase Jr. in front of the WWE Universe. Given The Apex Predator guided young superstars back then, it won’t be surprising to see him do the same again. Under Orton’s potential guidance, Borne could get plenty of attention and grow to become a massive WWE Superstar. Triple H says he is proud of Randy Orton. Randy Orton has attained many titles and accolades throughout his career in WWE. Many believe Orton is arguably the greatest superstar to step foot in the ring. While that is more than enough reason for WWE officials to be proud of him, Triple H stated another reason why he was proud of The Viper. Triple H spoke highly about Orton at the press conference after Survivor Series: WarGames. The Game mentioned he was proud of the man Orton has become. He also credited The Apex Predator for returning from a brutal injury. The Game added:”So incredibly proud of him where he is not only as a performer but as a man, as a father, as a human being, just incredibly proud of Randy Orton. When you have the kind of injury that he had where things were touch and go… That’s a rough experience. To be able to fight back what he went through, to be able to do what he had done, and come back here tonight and have the moment that he had was just awesome.” Triple H’s praise of Orton is indicative of the great relationship the duo share. It will be worth observing what Orton accomplishes in his current run with the Stamford-based promotion.